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Consulting Services in Group Engagement

My consulting services in the field of group engagement are outlined below. Please contact me if you would like more information.

Group Engagement Services

My practice includes the organization and facilitation of participatory engagements which are designed to precipitate collaborative thinking and collective action on issues of importance. My services span the full cycle of planning, conducting, assisting follow-through, and evaluating the effectiveness of engagements.

I work closely with client organizations, drawing stakeholders into the process, during each step in the cycle. These steps may include some or all of the following:

  • Identifying and defining the need, confirming that group engagement is appropriate for addressing the issue, and establishing a clear statement of purpose.
  • Setting out a staged planning process which includes consultation with stakeholders and potential participants.
  • Determining who should participate.
  • Developing the key question to be answered or issue to be addressed through the engagement.
  • Designing a structured process for answering the question through dialogue and deliberation.
  • Preparing a meeting agenda and timetable which reflect the process in a series of explorations, reflections, and, if possible, a consensus on priorities for further action
  • Facilitating the engagement, establishing a climate of trust, ensuring participation, and supporting the group in achieving the agreed purpose. Capturing and documenting the outputs - perceptions, shared understandings, conclusions, and action plans.
  • Evaluating the immediate effectiveness of the engagement in achieving the planned outputs and in reinforcing a relationship of trust.
  • Preparing a plan for assessing the long term outcomes ( behaviours, actions, performance) and the fulfillment of the needs which originally motivated the engagement.
My Background and Experience in Group Engagement

The planning and facilitation of group engagements has always been a major part both of my consulting and training services in project management, and of my work in voluntary professional and technical organizations. For more than thirty years I have organized and led group engagements devoted to a range of purposes which include continuing professional development for project managers, preparing management plans, solving problems, making decisions, identifying training needs, and resolving conflicts.

The constant theme in all of these engagements has been a commitment to the proposition that the collective knowledge and judgement of the group will yield wiser solutions than would any one member acting alone. Those who must act on a decision, or are affected by it, have the greatest motivation to support it if they have participated in making the choice. The job of the facilitator is to assist the group to be as effective as it can be.

Through my involvement with the Society of PM Professionals over a sixteen year period, I have been the driver for an ambitious program of peer-to-peer professional education in the field of project management, and have served as the leader for participatory workshops, addressing topics such as acquiring facilitation skills, ethical dilemmas, classifying competence, and learning styles.

I strive to apply the lessons from my experience in purpose-driven engagement and group facilitation to humanitarian issues of social justice, equity, democracy, and sustainability. I provide my services to non-profit organizations pro bono publico . To strengthen my understanding of collaborative approaches to these complex matters, I have studied dialogue and civic engagement through a certificate program at SFU. I continue my professonal development through reading and the trial of emerging techniques and practices aimed at enabling collective action through collaborative planning.

Contact Walter Wawruck at:
Vancouver B.C.
Phone (604) 879-8752 Or E-mail me now!
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