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Walter Wawruck's Managing the Project Seminar

This seminar is a general, comprehensive overview of project management principles, processes , and practices. It is adaptable to a variety of project types and is suitable to a mixed audience of practitioners who work on different kinds of projects.


Seminar Description
Practical Value
Seminar Format
Outline of Topics
Seminar Leader Walter Wawruck

Seminar Description

This seminar is designed for persons who are involved in the management or direction of unique undertakings whose objectives are subject to the constraints of available resources (includng budget limits) and completion deadlines. The participants will be presented with a framework of management concepts, derived from experience, which can be applied to any system or product development, task force, or organizational change venture, including re-engineering and process improvement.

At the conclusion of this intensive combination of lectures, discussions, and group work in a workshop environment, the participants will be equipped with a comprehensive checklist of techniques, planning and reporting systems, and practical management principles which can be directly applied to the projects for which they are responsible.

To illustrate the application of the management techniques, systems, and principles, the seminar leader will present case histories from a variety of projects, including systems development and implementation, new product development, facilities construction, analytic and prescriptive studies, creating new organizations, and installing new service programs. The participants will be encouraged to describe and discuss the projects with which they are involved as further specific illustrations of the lecture material.


Practical Value

Delivered by an experienced practitioner, the seminar topics are presented in terms of the practical issues that arise in the management of real projects. The aim is to provide an understanding of good practice tools and techniques that will be of value to individual participants, their clients, and their employers.

Participants give the seminar a high rating on evaluation measures dealing with new ideas and concepts, usefulness in one's present work, and the potential to help in future applications. The training has been described as "beneficial and practical…I recommend it to anyone wanting to become a project manager" and "very valuable in providing practical and useful knowledge I can take back to the workplace".



This seminar can be adapted to either a three day or a three-and-a-half day format, depending on the time the participants can make available.

The three day format is suited to situations where the seminar must be delivered in three consecutive days. The participants would prepare individual presentations for the last half day.

The preferred format, three-and-a-half days, each separated by a week or so, allows the participants to work on team assignments which address the actual projects on which they are working, See the description of the benefits of the team assignment approach. In this case the participants will be assigned to teams, on the first day of the seminar. Each team will be asked to prepare a management plan for an actual project which the organization is sponsoring. The concluding session of the seminar will be presentations by the teams of the plans they have assembled.


Outline of Topics
Definition and Overview
Definition of a project, unique management issues and responses, defining the objectives for planning and control, the project life cycle and its relationship to the product or program life cycle, management principles, project control, the project manager and the team.

Strategies for Procurement and Delivery
Allocating risks and control among corporate and institutional players; multiple and single contracts; responsibilities for design, implementation, and operation; risk transfer.

Project Organization
A general model of the functions on the team, contrast to traditional organization, defining roles and responsibilities, the matrix setting, constructive conflict resolution, organizational learning vs. project goals, competition for resources.

Defining and Controlling the Results: Achieving Quality
The concept of scope, evolution of scope throughout the life cycle, defining requirements, controlling changes in design and scope, work packaging, work breakdown structure, responsibilities for a quality result.

Establishing a Time Frame and Controlling Progress
The hierarchy of schedules, overview of available techniques, distinction between planning and scheduling, logic diagrams and the critical path method, developing working schedules, practical techniques for preparing and monitoring plans, reporting progress, forecasting completion dates - a motivational approach.

Contracted Services
Purchasing materials and equipment, using consultants and contractors, integrating members of several organizations, partnering, contract administration, resolving disputes.

Budgeting and Controlling the Use of Resources - Monetary and Human
Estimating, setting and amending the budget, contingency allowances, forecasting - the key to motivation and control, key cost reports.

Starting Right and Making It Work
Team building, developing an execution strategy and management plan, administrative requirements, project procedures, communications planning.

Team Presentations
Presentation of project plans by teams.



Each participant will be provided with a binder containing copies of the overhead slides which form the basis for the lectures. Notes on the presentation and discussion can be entered directly into the binder.


Seminar Leader Walter Wawruck

Walter Wawruck, MBA, P.Eng., PMP®, is a consultant specializing in project management services. Since 1971, he has participated in the management of a wide variety of projects, ranging from computer systems development to Arctic pipelines, and has assisted clients in strengthening their organizational capabilities in project management through the adoption of best practices.

Walter Wawruck has provided training in project management since 1981, in Canada, the US, and South America. In addition to his public subscription seminars, he provides in-house seminars, workshops, and training services to individual clients.

"The instructor showed an outstanding knowledge of the subject. It was consolidated with experience."

Go to the Qualifications page for more on Mr. Wawruck's education and experience.


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Contact Walter Wawruck at:
Vancouver B.C.
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